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AMS Attendance Office Contact

Teresa Edwards
(360) 503-1230


Regular and punctual attendance is required for success at AMS. We expect all students to achieve at very high levels through positive engagement in classroom learning activities.

School district policies #3121 and #3122 regarding attendance and absences apply to all students. In addition, the Compulsory School Attendance law of Washington State requires that all AMS students attend school regularly and that they be punctual. Teachers report attendance each period, and attendance history is online. In the event a student does not attend regularly without appropriate reason, a truancy petition about the student’s absences must be filed with the Skagit County Juvenile Court Administrator. Any student absent for 20 consecutive days must be deleted from school rolls (WAC 392.121.108). Parent/guardian will be notified by mail.



Please report your student absent by calling the school attendance office at (360) 503-1230. A parent telephone contact will be attempted daily to verify student absence unless the parent calls the middle school office and informs the school attendance clerk about the absence.

When returning to school after an absence, students must present a written excuse from the parent explaining the cause of the absence, if the school has not already been notified by the parent.


There are three kinds of absences:

(1) Excused absence: Caused by student illness, family emergency or similar unforeseen development. Failure to complete make-up work as directed by the teacher(s) may result in lowered grade status in one or more classes. Students are responsible for requesting make-up work.

(2) Unexcused absence: Caused by truancy or other non-illness or emergency. Teachers are not required to give academic credit for work missed during an unexcused absence. Thus, schoolwork missed during an unexcused absence will usually result in lowered grade status in one or more classes.

(3) Prearranged absence:  Caused by students missing school to accompany his/her family on vacations or similar activities. Families must get prior approval from the principal before the absence in order for it to be considered excused. A Prearranged Absence Form, for those students who will be absent 5 or more consecutive days is available in the Main Office. This form must be completed and signed by both parent and principal prior to the absence. Students should also contact teachers well in advance to obtain assignments. Securing and completing class work missed, due to a prearranged absence, is solely the student’s responsibility. Failure to complete make-up work as directed by the teacher(s) may result in lowered grade status in one or more classes. A student’s quarter and/or semester grades may be adversely affected by a prearranged absence in cases where class work cannot be made up due to the nature of the learning activities missed, the closing of a grading period, or like reason.



If excused absences last several days, call the school to arrange to collect make-up work. Homework for specific teachers may also be accessed on-line.  When requesting homework through the school office, the request must be made by 8:30 a.m.  The assignments will be available for pick-up between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. of the same day.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements to make up all missed work, including labs.



Students are not allowed to loiter in the halls and then run to class. Passing time is intended to provide for an orderly move from one class to another. Students who are late to class without excuse can expect to be assigned to lunch detention by the teacher after three tardies.

Students who arrive late to school are to sign themselves in at the attendance window and obtain an admit slip for class. Students who present a written note from a parent explaining the tardiness will be issued an excused tardy, but can be assigned detention.



Students are expected to sign themselves out of school if they must leave during the school day. A written request or a phone call must be received stating the time of dismissal requested and the reason the dismissal is needed. Early dismissals are often used for doctor or dentist appointments. This note should be taken to the office before school on the day the dismissal is desired. Please note, that should an emergency arise during the school day, we will release students only to individuals (parents/guardians) that have been listed on their child’s emergency card. 

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